LOLER Servicing

81.1% of callouts resulted in repair with no second visit required

We all know how necessary it is, both practically and legally, to keep all your establishment’s equipment in good working order. However it cannot be denied that this can be rather a challenge in terms of organisation; managing the servicing, maintenance and LOLER regulations of the wide variety of items which a home require can be difficult in terms of time, staff participation and expertise. Additionally, it is always important to consider equipment downtime. Consistent and thorough upkeep of equipment normally, in our experience, helps to maximise the usable life of your expensive capital items.

So why choose us to look after your servicing and maintenance? Here’s just a few benefits we can offer:

  1. We always carefully assess the equipment in question. Repair is always considered before recommending replacement; in some cases, items classified as beyond economical repair have been successfully mended at a reasonable cost.
  2. When fitting new parts, we ensure that they are correct/compatible, resulting in product manufacturer or H&S compliance.
  3. According to the individual issue, rather than fail a hoist outright resulting in severe inconvenience, we may be able to give a temporary LOLER pass (1 month) on equipment, so that it can still be used while a solution is being worked out.
  4. Our engineers spend time to explain issues to customers; this gives you more confidence and trust in what we are doing and speeds up the decision-making process.
  5. Inexperienced engineers will sometimes have to put parts on and work out a fault by the process of elimination. This can result in increased costs and disruption, especially when parts are being fitted unnecessarily. Provida engineers are trained to diagnose faults and with their experience, this situation should never happen.
  6. Free, comprehensive equipment audit.

Discover the Provida Service Advantage for yourself. Why not give us a call or email and we will be delighted to work out a personalised maintenance service for you.

Services Available

  • Full LOLER testing and servicing on hoists and slings
  • Excellent rates
  • No Long Contracts
  • Quick Response
  • Reliable.
  • Experienced Service
  • Advice/Training
  • Callouts on breakdowns typically within 24 hours
  • Chair scales checked and calibrated
  • Wheelchairs and Nursing Beds serviced and repaired
  • Pressure Mattresses serviced and tested and repaired.

NEW 15 Point check lists on Wheelchairs, Nursing Beds, and Pressure Mattresses.

This is a new comprehensive checklist to give our customers piece of mind on all of these types of regularly used equipment. If equipment is regularly serviced it will last longer and be more reliable and reduces the need for new capital purchases