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Equipment Consultancy

How do you achieve the balance between cost of equipment and providing the best care? 

Equipment is both an essential and costly resource for quality care. With many options for purchasing new and potential repair available, it can be difficult to confidently choose the right option for your care users and providers. Our equipment consultancy service aims to take this challenge of your shoulders and offer a holistic approach where all the options, benefits and drawbacks in the long and short term are considered for your specific care environment.

Our equipment specialists work closely with both management and care providers to help you to maintain the correct level of care whilst saving money.  After a thorough analysis of your equipment, we work in a consultation capacity and aide in making critical decisions, for example when to perhaps buy new or repair.


With over 30 years of experience on working with hoists, nursing beds, baths, scales, pressure mattresses and wheelchairs, we take a comprehensive approach when buying new equipment, not only considering price, but the quality, availability of parts, warranties and long term care costs.

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