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LOLER, Equipment Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs

It is imperative, both practically and legally, to keep all your establishment’s equipment in good working order. We are here to manage your servicing, maintenance and LOLER regulations on all equipment ensuring you adhere to regulations and provide the best care for your residents.


Each piece of equipment has a clear log of all servicing and maintenance carried out and this can be easily viewed on our Online Customer Portal.


Consistent and thorough upkeep of equipment helps to maximise the usable life of your equipment and minimise costly equipment downtime.

Services Available

  • Full LOLER testing and servicing on hoists and slings

  • Chair scales checked and calibrated

  • Wheelchairs and Nursing Beds serviced and repaired

  • Pressure Mattresses serviced and tested and repaired.

  • Callouts on urgent breakdowns typically within 24 hours

  • Excellent rates

  • Quality, reliable service

  • Experienced service engineers

  • Advice and training

Our Servicing Difference

Our Servicing Difference
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Thorough Assessment For Repair

We always carefully assess the equipment in question. Repair is always considered before recommending replacement; in some cases, items classified as beyond economical repair have been successfully mended at a reasonable cost.


Full H & S Compliance

When fitting new parts, we ensure that they are correct and / or compatible, resulting in product manufacturer or H&S compliance.

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Keeping Your Equipment
In Service

We will always try and keep your equipment 'in service' to limit the inconvenience of putting equipment out of service. If there is follow up work required, we will always strive to resolve in a practical and suitable solution.


Clear Explanation & Detailed Reports

Our engineers spend time to explain issues to customers and we complete a detailed report after every service and repair which are promptly sent to you. All work carried out on your equipment can also be easily viewed on our Online Customer Portal.

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Comprehensive Fault Diagnosis Training

Inexperienced engineers will sometimes fit parts unnecessarily and work out a fault by the process of elimination. This can result in increased costs and disruption, Provida engineers are trained to diagnose faults and with their wealth of experience.


Free Comprehensive Equipment Audit

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